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Frank Jackson: Pistons Future Leader Off the Bench

 Frank Jackson has emerged as a key asset to the Detroit Pistons rebuild. Jackson shined during the middle half of the season once Derrick Rose was traded to New York. Once Rose went to New York, Jackson played the role of the 6th man for the Pistons. He had clutch moments this past season off the bench, and even at times earned a starting position. 

Improvements Statically This Past Season

Even though Jackson played a career low of 41 games during the season. Jackson had career highs in points, rebounds, and field goal percentages. He averaged 9.8 points, 2.2 rebounds, 0.9 assist, and 45.7% field goal percentage during the 2020-2021 season.

Jackson’s improvements statistically was based on earning more minutes throughout the season once Rose departed for New York. Jackson played about five more minutes each game compared to the previous season allowing him to develop more has a player statistically.  

Impact on the Floor 

Jackson has that impact on the floor that many bench players do not have. His as incredible speed down the floor and he has ability to get open to score key buckets. He had a career-high in points, field goal, 3-point percentage this past season due to him being able to create open shot opportunities. His ability to score as much as he can off the bench, creating that spark the team needed at times. 

Also, he has incredible ability to stop the top guards from passing when guarding at the perimeter. He forces guards to either make quick passes that cause turnovers, or make them take high contested three pointers. 

Coach Dwane Casey stated on Jackson’s game, “He’s an instant offense off the bench. He’s one of our best defenders on the ball. That young man is growing right before us. For me, he’s grown as much as anyone else. Just really impressed with his approach. He stays ready. It’s not easy to come off the bench and score the way he does with ease.” per NBA Writer Keith Langlois. 

Jackson Has More to Improve On 

Jackson’s ceiling to improve and develop as a critical piece to the Pistons rebuild. He has that Vinnie Johnson/Jamal Crawford/Lou Williams off-the-bench impact that most players cannot do. Jackson’s work ethic and roughrider mentality resulted in him to one day be a 6th man player of the year candidate. He continues to strive as a young player and constantly is learning more on making improvements towards his craft. 

The main part to Jackson’s game that he needs to improve is passing. As the point guard coming off the bench , he has as a low amount of assets per game this season. Jackson needs to work his passing ability and adding more assets to his box score. He needs to utilize shooters more on the team such as Jerami Grant and Josh Jackson. If he works heavily this offseason on his passing ability, he will be the perfect guard for the Pistons off the bench.

Jackson will be a free agent during the offseason. The Detroit Pistons have not commented on whether Jackson will resign with the team or not. 

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