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Pistons Scouting Report: Jalen Suggs

Jalen Suggs is one of the most highly recruited players in the 2021 NBA Draft. Sugg’s is coming off a historical season and National Championship appearance with Gonzaga. As the Detroit Pistons look into possible draft picks, Suggs will be at the Pistons at the top of their list of prospects. Here are the reasons why GM Troy Weaver should consider drafting Suggs. 

Transition Points

One area that the Pistons need to improve on is transitioning down for fast breakpoints. Last season, the Pistons were ranked 25th in the league for fast breakpoints. Suggs can help the Pistons solve this problem quickly. Suggs is known for his downhill quickness down on the fastbreak. Also, Suggs on the fastbreak can drive down the paint or pass to open man from half-court. 

If the Pistons drafted Suggs, he could help improve the team on earning more fast breakpoints. With Suggs lighting speed, he can either go down right to the paint or pass to wing players like Killian Haynes or Saben Lee. In addition, with Sugg’s pace down the fastbreak break, the Pistons will be able to score more off fast breaks. 


Not only Suggs has an incredible speed down the floor, but also he has an incredible stealing ability. Suggs averaged about two steals per game at Gonzaga. He averaged more steals at Gonzaga than Pistons leader at steals  Killian Hayes did. Hayes averaged only one steal per game for the Pistons last season. 

Suggs can improve on the Pistons to earn more steals which allows for more turnovers and fastbreaks. In the backcourt, he can join guard Killian Hayes as a duo at defending more at the perimeter. Suggs can help turn the ball over more with the high amount of steals he has per game. In addition, it allows for the team to run fastbreaks more often and faster due to Suggs ability to pass at half-court or speed down to the paint. 

Who Does Jalen Suggs Play Like? 

Many NBA scouts believe that Jalen Suggs plays similarly to Brandon Roy. Back in the day, Roy was known as one of the most elite shooting guards in the game. Not only could Roy be able to shoot the ball at a high level like Suggs. But also, he was very crafty at his game as Suggs today. Therefore, the Pistons should be taking a good eye on Suggs as a potential piece to add to this young developing core.

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