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Should The Pistons Retire Tayshaun Prince’s Jersey?

Tayshaun Prince, known as the “The Palace Prince,” is an icon in Detroit Pistons history. Prince was a part of the starting five that won the championship in 2004. Prince was known for his lockdown defensive and 3-point shooting. From all he has accomplished in Detroit, the organization has still not retired his jersey number yet. Here is the case for why Prince’s jersey should be hung up in the rafters at Little Caesars Arena. 

Prince’s Statistics as a Piston

Tayshaun Prince statically is one of the greatest Pistons in history. Prince is in the top 10 in points, assists, three-pointers, and blocks in Piston’s regular-season history. He racked up 10,006 points, 2,074 rebounds, 448 blocks, and 510 three-pointers in his career with the Pistons. 

Not only does Prince rank highly in the regular season, but Prince ranks higher up in the ranks in Pistons playoff history. He ranks in the top five in points, rebounds, assist, steals, and blocks in Pistons playoffs history. In addition, Prince scored 91 three-pointers, ranking him third with the most three-pointers in Pistons postseason history. 

Prince: The Hustler

Every night, Prince was not going to show the impact that he made statistically. But it was all in the hustle and heart that Prince showed on the court. Prince bought into the Pistons culture, and it is about “we” and not “me.” Night in and night out, Prince did everything he could on the court to help his team. From defending tough against Paul Pierce or LeBron James to hitting open threes from the corner. He was a unique player to watch as a kid growing up. 

But what made Prince iconic was his block in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2004. With under 30 seconds left in the game, Prince blocked Reggie Miller from behind and secured the win. It was one of the most rememberable moments in the organizations history. Head Coach Larry Brown stated on the play, “One of the greatest hustle plays I’ve ever seen.” 

“The Block” is just one of the many moments that made Prince an ultimate great Piston player. He was not about “pating the stats” like players today and only care about themselves. Prince was the complete opposite of that; he was all about doing anything for his team to win games. The mentality and work that Prince showed as Piston deserves him to have his jersey number retired. The main question to all of this is “why haven’t the Pistons retired Prince’s Jersey.” Hopefully soon, Pistons fans will witness Prince’s jersey rise to the rafter at LCA.

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