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Finally Luck was on the Detroit Pistons Side

It’s been two days since the Detroit Pistons won the number one pick in the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery. Finally, the people of Detroit felt like they won a championship. And even better, many felt like they won the Super Bowl. 

Detroit sports fans for the past few years have had the worse luck ever. From the horrible pass, interference calls in the Lions playoff game against the Cowboys to miscall that Michigan stop JT Barrett right at the goal line. The Pistons winning the lottery was a special moment for all of us. So let’s all take this moment together as citizens of the 313. 

Reactions from the people of Detroit 

Here are reactions from Woodward Sports Network Lottery Party, Detroit native Jalen Rose, and the Pistons front office!

My reaction 

Before the draft lottery began on Tuesday night, I had the typical Detroit attitude that luck was not going to be on our side. And we were going to get a low pick. But, once the lottery got to the top 6, my heart starts racing. I was getting so nervous, and I even started shaking. Next, Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum announce picks five and six. For once, Detroit was not pick out.

The last four teams left were the Raptors, Cavs, Pistons, and Rockets. Before the final picks were annouced I was telling myself, “Watch them rig the lottery for the Raptors!” Then the fourth pick was relived, the Raptors were called. I screamed, “Let’s go top-three pick!” Next, the third pick was announced, and it was going to the Cavs. I then said, “No way it’s happening!” 

The last two picks were last; I couldn’t believe we made it this far. I was telling myself, “Watch us get so close once again.” Then, Mark Tatum pulled out the envelope with the Rockets logo and announced the Rockets got the second pick. 

After I jumped out of my seat and started to scream, I said out loud in my house, “Nothing f*CK way! Finally, luck is on our side for once!” Tatum would then proceed to announce that the Pistons won the number one pick in the draft. I haven’t had a moment like that as a Detroit fan in a long time. Since the Tigers made the World Series in 2012

When the Pistons won the number one pick on Tuesday night, it was a moment that I will never forget. I will remember screaming a the top of my lungs. I almost started to have tears coming down my eyes. Pistons Fans are going to remember where they were when the team won the lottery.

Detroiters have been waiting for something to celebrate for years. From all of the ups and mainly downs these past few years. Tuesday gave us all hope not only for the Pistons. But all of our Detroit sports teams are on the right path. The future is bright in all four professional Detroit sports teams. I can not wait to be apart of the new memories in Detroit sports history!

Morning Woodward Show discussing with Yahoo Sports Writer Vincent Goodwill on the Pistons winning the first overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.

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