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Leadership and Teamwork is More Valuable Than Having Superstars

The 2021 NBA playoffs have provided fans a new age in the NBA. Teams like the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz have been thriving this postseason. But, all of these young teams have one thing in common, and that is leadership and working has one. Most of these teams left in the playoffs do not have multiple superstars carrying the team all the way. The NBA landscape changes from squads winning with just one star or a superstar instead to teams working together as one unit. Here is my case on why teams do not need multiple superstars to compete for a championship. 

Leadership Over Stars

Veterans in the NBA have shined throughout these playoffs not based on stats but leadership. Chris Paul, Jae Crowder, Anthony Tolliver, and Blake Griffin have established their roles as leaders. While their abilities on the court are not the same as their younger years. Their new roles as leaders go beyond what they’re capable of in their game on the court. An example would be when Chris Paul bragged about how he is happy to see players like Devin Booker shine in the playoffs. 

Even though Paul is not putting up the numbers in the past, his leadership role allows the younger players to learn from him. In the future, the players who know from Paul can use those tools once they become veterans. 

Not about “Me” Rather About “We” 

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The most common phrase in sports is about how it is not “me” instead it is about “we.” The Utah Jazz, Atlanta Hawks, and Phoneix Suns are providing to the NBA community that team basketball wins games. It reminds me of the San Antonio Spurs in the 2000s or Dallas Mavericks with Dirk. It’s all about being unselfish, having a teammate, and doing anything that benefits the team and not yourself. These teams are possibly previewing a new age in the NBA where team basketball is valued more than having superstar players. 

Will The Super Team Era Come to an End? 

Super teams have taken over the entire league since LeBron James decided to go to the Miami Heat. But are these younger rising teams that have taken over the playoffs show that super teams are starting to die. Especially last year when the Miami Heat made it to the Finals with lots of young talent such as Bam and Duncan Robinson. Squads like the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Clippers should be scared of these younger squads. The young teams know that they have nothing to lose compared to the older teams who understand what is at stake

While many people in NBA circles believe that it would be bad for the league not to see the top guys like Kevin Durant or James win a championship. I think it would be great for the NBA to see something fresh once it has a champion. Let’s say a team like the Phoenix Suns wins the whole championship over the Brooklyn Nets. Many will have in the NBA community that “are super teams done in the NBA.” That is a question that will get on many fans thinking as the playoffs continue throughout these next couple of weeks.

The Morning Woodward Show talking about how teams might just need only one star to compete for championships.

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