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New Idea for NBA All-Star Weekend

The 2020 Summer Olympic Games are right around the corner. The 2020 Summer Olympics were pushed back into 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many fans are excited about watching traditional Olympic sports such as swimming, track and field, and gymnastics. But I am most excited about the newest Olympic event, three on three basketball. Yes, the traditional half-court game that basketball fans love is added to the Olympics games.

While some think it’s weird that they’re adding three on three basketball, I love the idea, especially to endorse the game to the whole world. I feel the person who should watch this event closely is Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner). NBA fans have dreamed about changing up some of the events on All-Star Saturday night, such as adding one on one. Here is my idea that the NBA could take into consideration for an All-Star Saturday Night event. 

My Dream Idea for All-Star Weekend

The NBA is always looking to please the fans to make it more exciting for them. My new idea is to add three on three to All-Star Saturday Night. The idea would be to have four captains voted by the fans, and then there would be a poll of eight players that those captains would choose. Those eight players are voted by people in the media. But here is the catch, the teams are chosen live on All-Star Saturday Night by the four captains. Games would be up to 21 and would be just a single-elimination tournament.

The NBA is always looking to create fun and excitement for the fans. What better way to do this than to do a three-on-three tournament with all of the best players. My favorite part of the whole tournament would be when the captains pick the teams live on the court. It can connect the players and the fans to make it seem like an actual pickup basketball game. Growing up, I love being able to play pickup basketball with my friends, and it drew us closer as a brotherhood. This new idea can change All-Star Weekend forever and create something special for the fans and players.

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