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Hunter Dickinson Declares for the NBA Draft

Yesterday, Michigan’s Hunter Dickinson announced on Twitter that he would declare for the 2021 NBA Draft. Dickinson surprised the basketball world as many thought Dickinson would stay with the Wolverines for next season.

Especially with the Wolverines having the number one recruiting class and one of the favorites to win the National Championship next season. Most thought that Dickinson would want to run it back with the Wolverines for another season to win and be a possible high draft pick. 

However, Dickinson hired an NCAA-eligible agent just in case he would like to withdraw from the draft and play for the Wolverines next season. If Dickinson decides to go all-in on the draft, this could be a mistake for his entire career. Here are the reasons why Dickinson is making a mistake if he decides to go into the NBA. 

Dickinson Development Could Take More Time

Photo Credit: Kirthmon F. Dozier- USA Today Sports

Hunter Dickinson currently is not any big-time mock draft due to most scouts thinking he would stay at Michigan. This could cause his development as a player to take more time due to him possibly being on the bench or go to the G-League.

Dickinson most likely would not get enough minutes in the NBA due to him being a lower pick in the draft. He would then possibly have to play in the G-League for the entire season and possibly will not get enough minutes and playing experience. If he stays at Michigan, he would be playing more minutes due him being a starter for the team.

Also, Dickinson missed out on being coached by Juwan Howard. Howard has brought out the best of him and has been a critical part to Howard’s success last season.  

Dickinson stated how Coach Howard’s impact on him. “He’s really grown really close to me in terms of people who I trust and people who I communicate with. He’s been so huge in my development, just being able to go to him every day, he’s so willing to help,” per Zach Shaw of Michigan Insiders. 

Howard has transferred Dickinson from just another four-star recruit to an All-American and National Player of the Year Candidate. If he goes to the NBA, he will not coach the same as he did with Howard. Yes, NBA coaches are talented and will develop Dickinson into an elite player. But nothing beats having a coach like Howard who knows how to create players to the next level. He could make the mistake of not getting coached one more year by Howard and could hurt his development. 

Dickinson Possibly Missing Out On Making History 

Photo Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Next season Michigan basketball is going to look at making history. The Wolverines currently have the number one recruiting class in the nation and one of the favorites to win the championship next year. If Dickinson goes to the NBA; he will be missing out on possibly having a chance to win a national title. Michigan is looking to win its first national championship since 1989. Not only will Dickinson can miss out on winning a championship, but also he can miss out on gaining leadership experience.

Dickinson can be the leader of that team if he stays with the Wolverines. He can take over the leadership due to most the team being graduating seniors or other upperclassmen decided to declare for the draft. The leadership he learns if he stays at Michigan can be a valuable part in his success in the NBA and learn what it takes to win a championship as the leader of the team.

Other Wolverines Declaring for the Draft

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are a few of Wolverines that have declared for the NBA draft as well. Franz Wagner, Isaiah Livers, Mike Smith, and Chaundee Brown have declared for the draft. Wagner is projected to be drafted in the first round and possibly a top ten pick. While Brown and Livers are projected to be second-round draft picks. Smith will end being undrafted and will sign with a team for the summer league.

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