5 Reasons Darius Slay Should Return to Detroit


There have been a lot of rumors this offseason for the Detroit Lions. Is Jalen Ramsey coming to town?  How about Lamar Jackson?  Will the Lions Draft a QB? But of all the interesting possibilities Darius Slay returning to Detroit is my favorite.

News broke earlier today that the Eagles have granted permission to Slay to seek a trade.  Could this be because they are looking at Matt Patricia as a coach?  That’s one conspiracy I’ve heard.  Or could it be that Slay wants a shot to return home to Detroit and help Dan Campbell and co.

The circumstances of Slay’s exit from Detroit are well known.  Matt Patricia would berede Slay in practice. Once told him he wasn’t good enough to be training with other elite CB’s. The list goes on and on of the mismanagement.

Eventually Darius Slay was shipped to Philly where he has had a pretty successful stint.

Slay and Glover Quinn used to take shots at Patricia on twitter. They would subtweet about the culture of the Lions and how bad it was.

Now, Detroit has a new guy in town that has repaired all the damage done by the previous regime. Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes have gutted the stank left behind and players are now WANTING to play in Detroit.

Here are 5 Reasons Darius Slay Should Return to Detroit:

  1. The Lions need help at CB. 
  2. Slay is available. 
  3. The culture has changed. 
  4. Slay can bring Super Bowl experience to the locker room.
  5. Darius has always shown love for the city and it’s fans.

The list goes on and on.

If I’m Brad Holmes, I’m making that call today.  But knowing how smart Holmes is he wont make this move until after the draft.  No sense in giving anyone insight what you plan on drafting at #6 and #18. Don’t pull a Bob Quinn and sign a QB letting the world know you aren’t taking Tua or Herbert.

Bringing Slay back would be a solid move for Detroit. It would be nice for some of the old “good guys” to get to see what its like to play for a true leader.

In Brad I Trust.

Photo: © Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports