A Tale of Brothers: Red Wings’ Noah Dower Nilsson’s Unbelievable Draft Experience


In a touching decision during the NHL Draft, the Detroit Red Wings selected Noah Dower Nilsson with the 73rd pick. This move not only welcomed Noah into the Red Wings family but also reconnected him with his brother Liam, creating a heartwarming reunion between the siblings.

Liam who was previously drafted by Detroit in the 5th round in 2021. Overwhelmed with joy, Noah described the moment as an “unbelievable feeling” and expressed that playing alongside his brother had always been a dream of his.

When asked about his awareness of the Detroit Red Wings’ interest in him before the draft, Noah mentioned that he was aware of their interest but was uncertain about whether he would be chosen or not

Red Wings Brotherly Bond

Noah, when asked about the bond he shares with his brother Liam, responded by saying. “It’s very good. He has helped a lot me along the way, always pushed me to be better. We’ve always supported each other to get to this point.” The two brothers had the opportunity to showcase their skills on the ice and even played together on the same line in the SHL.

Noah highlighted his strengths in offensive playmaking, emphasizing his ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. When describing his own style of play, he used the words “intense” and expressed his strong desire to win.

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