Big 10 To Play Football!


It looks like The Big 10 will announce the return of football this fall!

Rumors have been circulating that the BIG 10 will announce the return of Football this Fall! I am seeing multiple news sources post and confirm that The Big 10 will make the announcement today. The big question is are Michigan and Michigan State going to be included this season?

It has been a back and forth for months on what The Big 10 was going to do. They were about the first major conferences to announce that there would be no season this year. After a lot of social media push back, they might change their mind.

The Big 10 has kind of made fools of themselves by shutting down shop early. After last weekend and the success that 90% of the nation is having with high school and college sports, the Big 10 now looks to retract their original stance.

How this is all going to play out is yet to be seen. But we know that U of M and MSU will have to make a decision, and fast, regarding letting the students play. If Michigan or MSU decide to opt out of this season the cost will be severe.

Imagine Ohio being able to sit in a recruit’s house and say “You don’t even know if those guys will ever play again” or “You cant go pro if you commit to a team that wont let you on the field.” Those statements could be death blows to the respective University.