Bad Luck Continues: Red Wings Set to Pick Ninth Overall, Blackhawks Win Bedard Sweepstakes


The Detroit Red Wings’ streak of draft lottery misfortune continued last night, as they learned they will be selecting ninth overall in the upcoming NHL draft. This outcome dashed any hopes the team had of landing elite prospects like Connor Bedard or Adam Fantilli, leaving many fans disappointed. The last time the Red Wings picked ninth overall was in 2017 when they selected Michael Rasmussen, who has since become a valuable asset for the team.

Red Wings Fans Shift to Steve Yzerman

Despite the disappointment of this year’s lottery results, there is still hope for the Red Wings. General Manager Steve Yzerman now has two first-round picks, giving him the flexibility to draft two young prospects or trade for a star player. With Yzerman at the helm, many fans are optimistic that these picks will help the Red Wings return to playoff hockey and regain their place among the league’s top teams.

Should the NHL Change the Draft Lottery?

Many fans are now questioning whether the NHL needs to re-evaluate the way it conducts the draft lottery. The recent broadcast was widely criticized for being poorly executed. With several leaks and a lack of anticipation leading up to the selections. One notable when it was revealed that Columbus had received the third pick just as the broadcast went to a commercial break. Furthermore, the lack of transparency during the lottery draw itself raised suspicions among viewers. People are calling for a more authentic and transparent system to ensure that there is no funny business going on behind the scenes. The league owes it to their viewers to improve the draft lottery experience and restore their trust in the process.

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Photo Credit: © Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK