Brad Holmes is Playing Chess, Not Checkers


“In Brad Holmes We Trust.” That has pretty much been the sentiment in Detroit when it comes to the NFL Draft and the Detroit Lions GM. This year the Draft Yoda is at it again. Using his mind tricks to confuse other GM’s  and some fans before the 2023 NFL Draft.

One of the hottest topics going into this years draft is what the Detroit Lions are doing to do at the Quarterback position. I personally don’t want the Lions to spend an early pick on a QB, while others think the time to find Jared Goff’s replacement is now!

Brad Holmes spoke about where his head was on the Lions QB situation at the NFL Combine this week in Indianapolis. He spoke and said words.  But he really didn’t say a thing.  He is so masterful at not giving up his plan his statement made both sides of the argument feel they were right.

When asked about drafting a QB Holmes said this:

“Yeah its just has to make sense. Obviously we like Jared, he’s our starter.  But, we don’t have a lot behind him. We were kind of sliding into Homeplate at the very end of training camp trying to find a back up quarterback………. We’re happy with Jared, he’s our starter but we need to add some pieces in that room overall. Whether its in Free Agency or the draft, we just got to get somebody to continue to develop.

There is the genius of Brad Holmes on display.  That is a very in-depth answer.  But there is also no definitive statement.

EZ from Woodward Heavyweights took that quote as Goff is as good as gone.  I can see how you can infer that a little.

I interpret it as, “I’m not giving away our plan. So if you want a QB and you sit behind us in the draft, you better come get your guy or he’s ours”

That is how smart GMs operate.

Going into last years draft we had no idea who the Lions were taking at #2 overall.  There were rumor’s of Aidan Hutchinson having a bad interview.  We now know that was just a smoke screen to confuse other teams.  Kayvon Thibodeaux was the “lock” according to some scouts.  Turns out it was just Brad being Brad and playing the game the right way.

So as QB’s throw today at the combine, Id like everyone to remember another quote from Brad Holmes on QB’s.  “It’s a lot easier to get worse at the QB position than it is to get better.”

I do not know what Holmes is going to do this upcoming draft.  And that’s exactly how it should be!

Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports