Brittney Griner 9-Year Sentence Upheld as Expected


A Russian court has upheld it’s ruling on the Brittney Griner 9 year marijuana sentence.

“We are very disappointed,” Ms. Griner’s lawyers said in a statement of an appeals court near Moscow. “The verdict contains numerous defects, and we hoped that the court of appeal would take them into consideration.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  Russia has very strict laws when it comes to marijuana. If you cross foreign boarders with illegal drugs you will be charged.

Sometimes as Americans we feel that our laws are the worlds laws.  That is simply not the case. We are a progressive civilization.  America constantly grows and evolves with the times. We are a much more liberal society than the rest of the world.

So when people complain about the mistreatment of one of our citizens, you have to have the context of what is acceptable in their culture.

Remember the Michael Peter Fay caning in Thailand?  All he did was use a can of spray paint on a car.  Was his punishment fair?  No by our standards.  But those are the rules of the land in Thailand.

That should be a warning shot to all world travelers.  It is YOUR responsibility to the laws when you cross boarders.  It is NOT on the country you are traveling to to change their laws to suit Americans needs.

Im about as Pro American as you will every find. So this isn’t a hit piece on Brittney Griner and her decisions.  I feel awful an American is locked up abroad.  But I’m also a personal accountability person. And unfortunately Brittney put herself in a position to let this happen. I hope this gets resolved sooner than 9 year.  I will admit that is over the top for on vape cart of weed. But, that is not on me to decide. Russia has their laws.

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