Chick-fil-A worker chokes out robber


Chick-fil-A employee goes above and beyond to help a citizen down in Florida.

A quick thinking Chick-fil-A employee prevented a carjacking down in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, according to the press release by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department. You can see the video here posted by the Sheriff’s department.

Per the press release, the victim was getting the infant out of her car at a restaurant at 743 Beal Parkway when she says William Branch approached her wielding a stick and demanding her keys. Branch was charged carjacking with a weapon and battery.

The Chick-A-Fil employee looks like he was a high school wrestler with the takedown. Regardless, you don’t want to see that guy in a dark alley.

Photo Credit-Kns Advance Knox

Eugene Martinez

Woodward Sports