CLT and Cream City Jerseys bring out the 5 year old in all of us


The NBA is great at branding.  But, sometimes even the best marketers miss the mark.

I used to do marketing for many companies and still in a way help market Woodward Sports.

There is a test you must run before you put anything out.  That is, does it pass the 5 year old test.  By that, I mean, can a 5 year old look at it and not laugh.  Well the NBA did not pass the test!

The new “City Edition” Jersey dropped. 2 have stood out above the rest.  The CLT and the Cream City.  It’s even hard to type that without a smile on my face.  My inner child is laughing, as I’m sure yours is too.

I mean look at these.

Who looked at these and thought “Yup, lets go with those!”?

Either someone with a funny sense of humor or somebody so oblivious that this slipped through the NBA cracks.

Either way, Thank You for the laughs!

This isn’t the first jersey mistake.  This one is making its way around twitter.

Here is a look at all the “City Edition” NBA jerseys around the league.