College Football Best Bets: Week 6


College Football Best Bets: Week 6

Overall Record: 22-19-1

Last Week: 5-3

Week 6 of College Football and I am bringing to you all my top best bets. A huge weekend last week for week 5 coming off of a 5-3 Saturday, and one of those losses including an all-time bad beat with Arkansas blowing the cover to Alabama and the Arkansas WR just refusing to get a first down on 4th and Goal to help cover.

Now, if we are being honest, I do not love much about any of the games today. Some of the worst top games we have had in a while with college gamely going to Kansas for the first time in school history, Ohio State traveling to East Lansing for an easy win, and a Red River rivalry game where both Texas and Oklahoma are unranked. But, I still did some homework and found some matchups and best bets I love for today’s week 6 slate of games.

As always, below is the list of different picks I have. If you want winners, come back here every Saturday morning before you click submit on all of your college football bets. I will dive into all the trends, data, stats, and matchups so you don’t have too. Here we go. Let’s have a day, here are my Week 6 best bets.

  • Boon’s Lock of the Week (3-3 record)

  • Dog of the Week/Upset (1-4)

  • Overs Play of the Week  (4-2 record)

  • Unders Play of the Week (5-1 record)

  • BIG TEN Play (1-5 record)

  • “Super Conference” Play (4-1)

  • Bonus Play (4-2-1 record)

Boon’s Best Bet of the Week: Arkansas @ #23 Mississippi State  12:00pm

Bet: Over 57.5

The week 6 slate isn’t the best we have ever seen, but we still need some best bets. So, I am looking to some of my more reliable bets through the season to bring some winners to you all. One of my favorite teams to watch this season, even with their last two losses, is Arkansas. What’s the one fun thing about watching this team? They put up points. I love teams who can score, and love teams who are constantly in shootouts. And that’s exactly what this game is going to be. Arkansas averages 32 points per game and gives up 30 ppg. While, on the other side, Mississippi State has been a team this year that has been able to put up some points on teams as well, averaging 38 ppg. Yes, this game is in Death Valley. Doesn’t matter. Mike Leach historically isn’t great as home favorites, and that means a ton of points from Arkansas and Mississippi State will have to match in order to win. I think we are looking at 70 plus points in this matchup.

Dog of the Week/Upset: #16 BYU vs. Notre Dame 7:30pm

Bet: #16 BYU +4.5/ML +140

A lot of you can maybe argue this isn’t a dawg play because BYU is a ranked team. But, once I saw the ranked team as a Dawg and on a neutral field, I immediately love it. This still is a scary play to throw out there, typically when you see an unranked team favored over the ranked team then there is a reason why, and you should bet that team. Not today. The only thing Notre Dame had going for them was how good their defense was supposed to be, and right now they are giving up 24 PPG. I can see Jaren Hall and this BYU offense running up the score on Notre Dame in Las Vegas today. Give me the Dawgs in the Sin City.

Overs Play of The Week: Buffalo @ Bowling Green 12:00pm

Bet: Over 55

So far this season, this has been is one of my most profitable plays. If you haven’t notice now, I love playing overs. I can’t stand watching a game and taking and under, and just cheering for bad football. We don’t like watching bad football in my house, and we never will. With that being said, I can find over locks all day when I look at the slate. And there is no better conference to go to find one, then in the MAC. Both of these teams average under 30 PPG on the season.

But, on the defensive side of the ball, Buffalo gives up 31 ppg and Bowling Green is giving up 41 ppg. Both teams are giving up over 70 points per game combined this season. Two bad defenses vs. Two average offenses just screams points to me. This total sitting at 55 is a steal. Oh, I forgot to mention, Bowling Green is 5-0 in overs this season.

Under Play of The Week: #9 Ole Miss @ Vanderbilt 4:00pm

Bet: Under 61

You should already know if you look above that I really dread betting unders, but you have to call a spade a spade. There’s unders all over the board every weekend. And there is no better team to really on, to hit an under, than good ol’ Ole Miss. They have hit the under in 4 of their last 5 games. It has nothing to do with their offense, either. Their defense is only giving up 11.8 ppg on the season right now. Vanderbilt coming off a 55-3 loss to Alabama, it seems we might be looking at a similar game.

BIG TEN Play: #3 Ohio State @ Michigan State 4:00pm

Bet: Ohio State Team Total Over 45.5

I love this game and I love this bet. I could not come to choose a side on this matchup with it being a 28 point spread. But, if there is one thing I do know when these two teams meet, it is that Ohio St. will have a field day. In their last 5 matchups, Ohio st. has outscored MSU 216-38. Scoring 56, 52, and 48 in three of those matchups. This is turning out to be just one of those games, the way Michigan State’s season is going right now. Like I said before, I can’t choose a side because we could see a dawg fight in the wood shed, but the stats show that this just may be the right play and I love it.

Super Conference Play: #11 Utah @ #18 UCLA 3:30 pm

Bet: #11 Utah -3.5

Coming off my first “Super Conference Play” loss of the season, I just have to play it safe and get back in the winners circle. It is shocking to see the number at 3.5 when I first looked at it, my only guess it is because UCLA is playing at the Rose Bowl today. I love this Utah team, and have been vocal about them since week 1 when they lost in Gainesville. Cameron Rising is an electric quarterback, and he has a defense to hold it down on the other side of the ball. Since their loss to Florida they really haven’t kept any game close. I know I have been huge on USC all season, but I am starting to think this Utah team might have a chance to win the PAC 12, and they will not let UCLA ruin that.

Final Week 6 Best Bets Bonus Play: Oklahoma @ Texas 12:00pm

Bet: Over 65.5

The Red River Rivalry. One of the best rivalries in college football, you can’t put a card out there on this weekend and not have this game in it. This has to be the first time in who knows how long that neither of these teams have been ranked in this game. And in that case I just cannot choose a side, especially as I am writing this, Dillon Gabriel is questionable, and Quinn Ewers is back on the field. The only right bet in this game, tho, is the OVER. Every single year, it seems like this game fly over. In last year’s game, they scored over 100 points. With Quinn Ewers back and hopefully Dillon Gabriel playing, this is going to be another shootout, and we are going to see a ton of points being scored. Those are my Week 6 Best bets. Buckle Up.