Detroit Lions: Kenny Golladay or Chase Young? Take Your Pick


It’s the height of speculation season in the NFL, and the Detroit Lions are at the heart of an intriguing narrative. Two polarizing names have emerged from the rumor mill: wide receiver Kenny Golladay and defensive end Chase Young.

Each player’s past is tinted by struggles, but there’s a compelling question to ask: Could these former standouts rewrite their narratives and find redemption in Detroit?

Kenny Golladay: Time for a Comeback?

The story of Kenny Golladay is one of unfilled potential. Despite an injury-marred 2020 season following two consecutive 1,000-yard performances as a member of the Lions, Golladay’s talent is still not in question (yet). However, a disappointing tenure with the Giants has left the wide receiver’s career at a crossroads. The Detroit Lions, who let Golladay walk without a franchise tag offer in 2021, might be considering a second chance.

The thought of Golladay returning to Detroit, where he once thrived, stirs up intrigue. A second shot with the Lions could be just what he needs to reignite his career. While there’s no confirmation of any real interest from the Lions’ camp, the speculation of a return is exacerbated by Jameson Williams’ six-game suspension due to gambling at team facilities.

Chase Young: A Risk Worth Taking?

Formerly an ascending star with the Commanders, Chase Young’s journey in the NFL has been riddled with highs and lows. His rookie year was outstanding, earning him a spot in the Pro Bowl and the Rookie Defensive Player of the Year award. In 2020 alone, Young amassed 7.5 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, and 4 forced fumbles. However, recent years have been unkind to Young. Injury troubles have hounded him, leading to the Commanders’ decision not to pick up his fifth-year option.

A severe knee injury in 2021 dampened his future prospects, but some still believe in his untapped potential. That potential upside is tantalizing, particularly given the Lions’ needs in their run defense. As an organization, the Lions have confidence in their medical team and have been aggressive in targeting high upside players with injury concerns in recent years.

The Redemption Narrative

While the Lions have not signaled any official interest in Golladay or Young, the narrative of potential redemption in Detroit presents an alluring subplot to their offseason. Each player, with their own set of benefits and risks, offers a compelling possibility for Detroit’s squad.

Should either player even be considered?

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