Detroit Tigers: Early Optimism Wiped Away by Bad Start


With the excitement of Opening Day behind us, it’s now time to focus on the early parts of the Detroit Tigers’ season. New foods at the ballpark, cheap tickets, picking a somewhat warm day to go, who to go with, and seeing Miguel Cabrera suit up for his last season. Unfortunately, Tiger diehards are already thinking about the worst because we’ve seen this before…

…a bad start to the season.

If you thought the Detroit Tigers were going to be under .500 in their first ten games, you thought right. If you thought they would be the second worst baseball team by then, you might know more about this team than the ‘Average Joe.’

It may be too soon to predict, but the Tigers may have just had the worst start to their season since 2008. The first year Miggy put on the English D.

In 2008, the Tigers won only 78 games. I know, kind of a long shot, but there’s potential that this season could be their worst in 20 years. For the next 31 games, the Tigers have to play teams who finished .500 or better last season. Now let’s take into consideration who the Tigers have played.

Opening series versus Tampa Bay Rays

The Tigers were shutout by the seemingly dominant Tampa Bay Rays. That series didn’t provide much optimism, losing all three games and only mustering up a few runs.

Tigers start the season 0-3.

A bit of hope after the Houston Astros series

Then they face the defending champs in the Houston Astros. A little help from Eric Haase, Spencer Torkelson, and Riley Green, the Tigers did a decent job, grabbing a couple wins in Houston.

Tigers come back to Comerica for Opening Day with some promise at 2-4.

Red Sox crush Tigers’ momentum

Then the Red Sox come to town, watch the Tigers make mistakes, grab a quick coney dog for lunch, and head to Tampa Bay for a little sun.

Tigers see their record drop to 2-7 (now 2-8 after Tuesdays loss to the Toronto Blue Jays).

I don’t think that people had high expectations for this season anyways, but sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself, and that played out in the early Boston series. Even though Al Avila is gone, we’re still seeing the effects and who knows how long we’ll see improvement.


Article written by Woodward Sports guest writer, Anthony Sylvester

Photo Credit: © Detroit Free Press

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