Hunter Dickinson Needs to Shut the Hell Up


Watching a good player transfer out of your program is never fun. But when that player starts to complain about said program, well, now you’re kind of glad he’s gone.

That’s exactly the case with former Michigan center Hunter Dickinson. He recently said on a podcast that Michigan was “fake Midwest” and people there aren’t as nice as they are in Kansas. He transferred there a few months ago.

He also said “Kansas is actually like a Midwest town.” Now in case you missed this part of third grade, Kansas is a state, not a town. But we’ll let that go.

Dickinson also commented on how practices are harder at Kansas than they were at Michigan.

“I’d say they were definitely harder than Michigan, especially at this point. I mean, Michigan — wouldn’t even get the campus to like to July 1. So had way more of a head start here,” Dickinson said. “But I remember the first couple of practices, I was so out of shape and I felt like coming in I was in pretty solid shape, but no, I needed a lot more growth in that area.”

Hunter, bud, let me help you out with this one. Michigan is not a basketball school. It never has and never will be. It’s a football school.

They are not going to take basketball as seriously as they do football.

Kansas on the other hand is the exact opposite. They are without a doubt a basketball school. Most of you probably forgot they even had a football team.

From 2009-2021 the basketball team won more Big 12 regular season championships than the football team won Big 12 games. Those are facts.

This isn’t His First Complaint About Michigan

Dickinson is a good college basketball player. He was a second team All-American, in 2021. He’s made two first-team All-Big Ten teams.

I’m not bitter enough to say he’s not a good player. Because he is.

Dickinson decided to switch schools months ago. Which he is free to do and, in this day, and age, kids transferring is very common. Best wishes to the young man.

But shortly after, Dickinson commented on how little NIL money he made at Michigan.

“The people hating on me would leave their job right now for a $10,000 [a year] increase,” Dickinson said. “At Michigan, I got less than six figures for the year.”

Let’s all take a moment of silence for the fact a 20-year-old got “less than six figures” to play basketball and attend one of the better universities in the country for free and get access to world-class equipment.

Now let’s dissect his first sentence. Not everyone would leave their job “right now” for a $10,000 a year increase. The more money you currently make, the less $10,000 a year increase would feel to you.

The difference between making $40,000 and $50,000 a year, is more significant than $300,000 and $310,000 a year.

It’s not breaking news that the University of Michigan doesn’t do a great job with getting its players the most NIL money. We’ve heard this song and dance since it became legal. And it’s a true gripe. The school should be doing a better job.

But maybe if he played a little bit better that would help too. Again, Dickinson was an All-American. Two years ago. Which in college years is a lifetime.

Photo Credit: © Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK