It’s Finally Happening: Consumers Energy to Test Underground Lines


After years and years of being told “it’s too expensive” and yet they raise your bill anyways, Consumers Energy is finally answering most of our prayers. They will roll out a pilot program to bury power lines in six Michigan counties.

The program will target electrical circuits in Genesee, Livingston, Allegan, Ottawa, Montcalm and Iosco counties that often have longer power outages and in areas with dense trees.

According to Consumers, results from other states and energy providers found burying power lines can improve resiliency by 90%, no shit?

Keeping electrical lines away from wind, falling trees, heavy snow and ice will make them more resilient? That sounds too good to be true.

Consumers said the cost to bury lines previously was too costly. But now they’ve somehow miraculously found a way to keep the cost down comparable to above-ground hardening costs. Whatever the heck that means.

I’ll tell you how they likely found a way to keep the cost down. Raise our electric bills.

The program is pending approval from the Michigan Public Service Commission. So we know who to blame if this doesn’t get off the ground. Or under it I should say.

This is at least a Start

I can not tell you the amount of out of state relatives that come to Michigan and ask why are the power lines not underground. My best answer was because apparently, I don’t give them enough money.

Consumers said that about 15 percent of lines are already underground. So this pilot program will be a great start. This will be a slow process to get the majority of lines underground.

Consumers said themselves that it doesn’t make sense to put the power lines underground in every area. I would love to find out which areas they are talking about specifically.

I’m interested to see what DTE’s response to this is. I mean they have to follow suit right? There is no way DTE would not eventually start putting their lines underground as well.

If not I’m going to have to search for housing that is powered by Consumers.


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