Jerry Jacobs wants the Detroit Lions to Draft Defense


The Detroit Lions offense was arguably a Top 5 offense in the NFL in 2022.  Their defense was another story. Historically bad for the first 7 games but became average over the final 10.

With the #6 and the #18 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, I have been screaming for the Lions to spend those assets on the defensive side of the ball. Jerry Jacobs seems to agree.

Jerry was on the Bleav network talking about the upcoming draft and had this to say:

“I feel like we should just look for the key thing we need. I’m not trying to be a GM, but I think we should go Defense with the first two picks. Not saying our offense is solidified. They are pretty good but we can go ahead and start the defense and then we can get back on the offense.”

After last years masterpiece of a Draft for Brad Holmes I think we are all comfortable with whatever way he goes. But just looking at the roster you can see the defensive side of the ball needs to be the addressed in a big way.

I’ve seen mock drafts all over the place for the Lions. From taking a QB to a CB and everything in between.  I don’t really have a guy that is jumping off the draft board for me.  But if I had to make the pick at #6 and Jalen Carter is available that is who I’m going with.

Christian Gonzalez is a name I see often in mock drafts for the Detroit Lions.  I may be scarred from Jeff Okudah at #3 but I do not want to spend another high pick on a DB.  Although Jerry Jacobs says draft defense I would assume he wouldn’t want a CB drafted either.

One thing is for sure, I hope the Lions stay away from a QB in the early part of the this Draft.

Photo: © Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports