Joe Milton Time is here for U of M


After the weirdest offseason and season for all sports, its time for The Joe Milton era! U of M‘s 6’4” 245lb QB is getting high praise from a lot of football people.

You never know if the ohio vs U of M rivalry is playing a part in his comments. But, Urban Myer had high praise for the new starting QB at Michigan, Joe Milton. Is Urban just trying to give Michigan fans false hope? Or is Milton so good that he has to humble himself to praise a U of M player? Its beginning to look like the latter.

Urban Meyer’s comments on Joe Milton

“Let me tell you real quick about Milton,” Meyer said. “During our game, in the pregame warmups, I’d always walk over, start looking at their personnel, check them out. And I was like, ‘Who is that cat?’ That is a Cam Newton lookalike. And he’s got a hose and he can run. They need to perform at that position.”

The praise doesn’t stop there. U of M’s offensive coordinator Josh Gattis has been impressed with Joe Milton’s growth, not only in his passing touch but over all grasp of the game.

Michigan OC Josh Gattis has high praise

“Joe’s got special talent. He’s a quarterback that’s blessed with a tremendous skill set. Obviously with an arm and accuracy. He has every throw in the bag plus the extra club that you don’t need to carry all the time.”

“His accuracy has been exceptional and that was one of the things we have talked about as far as taking RPMs off, knowing how to give a catchable ball. Accuracy as far as ball placement was never an issue. Sometimes the issue had been in the past was whether or not those receivers could catch it that fast. He’s done a really good job in improving in that, but still maintaining his power in his arm.

New Starter

Joe Milton is the new starting QB at U of M. This was most likely going to happen this year regardless. With the transfer of Dylan McCaffery its sped up the process.

There is a lot of hype around Milton. I haven’t seen enough real game time film to know if its hype or if he has the real tools to be great. All I know is I’m excited he gets the opportunity. If he can bring Michigan back to National Championship contenders his legend will live forever. So hop on the Joe Milton train. It should be a fun ride.