Juwan Howard, Michigan Wolverines: A Season of Disappointment


Juwan Howard and the Michigan Wolverines: A Season of Disappointment

The collapse in the NIT and a subpar season raises questions about the future of Michigan basketball under Juwan Howard

The 2022-2023 NCAA basketball season was a year of high expectations for the Michigan Wolverines and their head coach, Juwan Howard. However, the team’s inability to meet these expectations, coupled with their recent humiliating exit from the National Invitation Tournament (NIT), has put the program under the microscope. This article takes a critical look at Howard’s performance and evaluates the need for improvement in the Wolverines’ basketball program.

Background and Expectations:

Coming into the 2022-2023 season, the Wolverines were expected to be a force to reckon with, thanks to a top-rated recruiting class and the presence of experienced players like Hunter Dickinson. The addition of Juwan Howard, a former Michigan basketball star and NBA veteran, as head coach in 2019 had already generated a buzz around the program. Howard’s early success, including a Big Ten Championship and a run to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament, seemed to indicate that the program was on an upward trajectory.

The Season of Disappointment:

Unfortunately, the Wolverines’ performance this season has been a far cry from their expected dominance. The team struggled to find consistency throughout the regular season, finishing with a disappointing 17-15 record. Several factors contributed to this underwhelming outcome, including inconsistent play from key players, a lack of cohesion, and questionable decision-making from the coaching staff.

Their season’s low point came with the team’s exclusion from the NCAA Tournament, relegating them to the NIT – a consolation tournament for teams that failed to make the Big Dance. Expectations were high that the Wolverines would use the NIT as an opportunity to regain some of their lost pride, but their shocking exit only exacerbated the disappointment surrounding the program.

The NIT Collapse:

In their second game of the NIT, Michigan faced a seemingly lesser opponent in the form of the Vanderbilt. However, the Wolverines failed to show up when it mattered the most, falling to the Commodores in a 66-65 loss. This outcome was a clear reflection of the team’s issues throughout the season, as Michigan failed to execute under pressure and looked disorganized on the court.

Criticism of Juwan Howard:

The Wolverines’ struggles this season have led to some pointed criticism of head coach Juwan Howard. Howard’s coaching decisions have come under scrutiny, particularly his lineup choices and in-game adjustments. Critics argue that the team’s lack of cohesion and inability to execute consistently can be traced back to Howard’s coaching style, which has failed to maximize the potential of his talented roster.

One notable issue has been Howard’s inability to find a balance between his star players and the rest of the team. The overreliance on Hunter Dickinson and a few other key players has led to a stagnant offense that has struggled to find its rhythm. Additionally, the team’s defensive struggles can be attributed to a lack of discipline, which ultimately falls on the coaching staff.

The Need for Improvement:

With the disappointing season behind them and a restless fanbase hungry for success, it’s clear that improvement is necessary for the Michigan Wolverines. The program will need to address several issues, including strengthening team cohesion, improving offensive and defensive schemes, and fostering a culture of discipline and accountability.

One potential solution is for Juwan Howard to surround himself with a coaching staff that can help him address these weaknesses. Experienced assistants who have a proven track record of developing talent and implementing successful game plans could be invaluable in helping Howard adapt and grow as a coach. Additionally, Howard must be willing to learn from his mistakes and be open to making necessary adjustments in his coaching philosophy and approach.

Player Development is Crucial…

With a roster filled with highly-touted recruits, the onus is on the coaching staff to ensure that these players reach their full potential. This includes refining their individual skills, helping them understand their roles within the team, and teaching them how to handle high-pressure situations.

Recruiting is yet another aspect that will be crucial to the Wolverines’ future success. While Juwan Howard has demonstrated an ability to attract top-tier talent to Ann Arbor, he must continue to prioritize signing well-rounded players who can contribute to the team’s success on and off the court. This includes targeting recruits who not only possess exceptional athletic skills but also demonstrate strong leadership qualities and a commitment to teamwork.

Lastly, the Michigan Wolverines must find ways to instill a culture of accountability within the program. This starts with Juwan Howard holding himself and his coaching staff responsible for the team’s performance. He then must ensure that players are held accountable for their actions on and off the court. By fostering an environment that prioritizes responsibility, discipline, and teamwork, the Wolverines can begin to build a strong foundation for future success.


The 2022-2023 season was undoubtedly a significant disappointment for the Michigan Wolverines and their fanbase. The team’s lackluster performance, culminating in a humiliating exit from the NIT, has raised valid questions about Juwan Howard’s coaching and the future of the program.

To right the ship, significant improvements must be made across the board. This includes coaching decisions and player development to recruiting and fostering a culture of accountability. While Juwan Howard’s early success at Michigan offers hope that he can turn the program around, he must be willing to learn from this season’s failures and adapt to the challenges that lie ahead.

The upcoming offseason will be critical for the Wolverines. They look to regroup and build a team capable of living up to the high expectations that come with Michigan basketball. For Juwan Howard and the Wolverines, the time to make these necessary changes is now. The future of the program hinges on their ability to learn from this season of disappointment.

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