Lions Licked, Ravens Soar: A 38-6 Reality Check in Baltimore


Sunday’s highly anticipated showdown promised fireworks, but the Detroit Lions faced a barrage from the Baltimore Ravens, culminating in a 38-6 mollywop of a loss. The Lions, meeting their foes in Ravens’ territory, saw their roar silenced.

Mismatched Tactics and Stark Realities

The Lions ventured into the match with battle plans drawn, but the Ravens had other designs. While the Lions’ offense often seemed one step behind, the defense faced a Ravens’ offensive onslaught that left fans breathless.

Contrasting strategies were evident. Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson found himself outmatched by Ravens defensive general Mike Macdonald. Similarly, Aaron Glenn, the Lions’ defensive coordinator, couldn’t find an answer to the schemes orchestrated by Ravens offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

Possession Tells the Tale

Interestingly, the Lions didn’t trail far behind the Ravens in terms of time of possession, holding the ball for 29:38 compared to the Ravens’ 30:22. However, it’s what the Lions failed to do with the ball that told the real story:

  • Lions 1st half: punt, punt, punt, turnover on downs, punt
  • Ravens 1st half: touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, fumble
  • Lions 2nd half: turnover on downs, interception, touchdown, turnover on downs
  • Ravens 2nd half: touchdown, punt, field goal, punt

The Ravens capitalized on their opportunities, efficiently breaking down the Lions’ defense. Their offensive line consistently maintained forward push, allowing star quarterback Lamar Jackson to showcase his MVP-worthy skills. Jackson’s stats spoke volumes, with 357 passing yards and three touchdowns. He also demonstrated his dual-threat ability, rushing for 36 yards and a touchdown.

In contrast, Lions’ Jared Goff had a challenging day. Hindered by an inconsistent run game, Goff faced immense pressure, leading to hasty decisions and compromised accuracy. Despite throwing 53 times, he amassed only 284 yards without a touchdown, was sacked five times, and left with an interception.

Tight Ends Duel: Veteran Andrews vs. Rookie LaPorta

On National Tight Ends Day, both teams showcased their talents at the position. While Ravens’ veteran Mark Andrews established his dominance with 63 yards and two crucial touchdowns, Detroit’s rookie Sam LaPorta displayed his promising talent. LaPorta, although failing to hit pay dirt, still made his mark. His performances this season are rewriting rookie records, indicating a bright future.

Silver Linings

Despite the challenging game, some Lions showed they still have some star power:

  • RB Jahmyr Gibbs: After an injury hiatus, the rookie returned with vigor. With 126 scrimmage yards, including an impressive touchdown (the Lions only score of the day), Gibbs showcased his potential as a future star.
  • WR Amon-Ra St. Brown: Consistency is St. Brown’s middle name, and he proved it once again with 13 receptions for 102 yards. With another notable performance, he continues to establish himself as one of the league’s best wide receivers.

The Road Ahead

The loss, while hard to swallow, offers Detroit a chance to harness these lessons and refine their tactics.

Drawing inspiration from the fictional Coach Ted Lasso, Detroit must adopt the “Be a Goldfish” mentality—focus on the present and quickly move on from past setbacks. After all, resilience and adaptability define this team’s character.

As the Lions lick their wounds, the city watches — not with disdain, but with bated breath.


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