Miguel Cabrera’s return is bad news for the Tigers


Miguel Cabrera’s announcement that he is returning to play one more season for the Detroit Tigers is neither news, nor good news for Tiger fans.

Sadly, we already knew he was returning. Sadly, we must endure another Miggy fizzle next season.

Cabrera has 32 million reasons to return next season. I get it. I’d probably come back too. It’s just tough to see a 40-year old in decline try to keep up with younger and better players.

“It is going to be my last year,” he told MLB.com.

Later he said: “It feels a little weird to say that. I thought I’m not going to say never, but I think it’s time to say goodbye to baseball.”

Actually, the time is now. The better move was to say he is not returning next season to play. He hasn’t been worth the $30 million a year the Tigers are shelling out for seven years. If his goal is to help the Tigers be better, it is best that he give up his bats to younger players.

Whether we like it or not, the Tigers are in rebuild mode again. Adding Miggy to the lineup does not help.

Michigan State Bellyaching

I’m tired of the noise from East Lansing after the Big Ten announced Michigan State’s tunnel punishment. Quickly, the “woe is me Spartans” came out of the woodwork like water bugs.

The Spartans are complaining about being fined $100,000 for the Oct. 29 incident where several football players pimp stomped a Michigan player. And red-shirt sophomore Khary Crump kept on chopping by pummeling Michigan’s Gemon Green with a helmet over and over again.

Here is what some Spartans are saying. If this happened on the field, it would not be a big deal.

False. Do you remember former Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh stomping Green Bay Packers lineman Evan Smith? Suh received a two-game suspension and was vilified across the NFL.

I’ve been watching football for years and have never seen a player curb stomp another player like the MSU players did.

Even Spartan basketball coach Tom Izzo got in on the act, saying he is upset that the school received a fine. Why? Is it coming out of his paycheck?

“Yeah, I’m completely upset about it,” Izzo said. “I think to get $100,000 fine – the suspension of a player is fine, but to get a fine like that and then the other school gets reprimanded, what the hell does ‘reprimanded’ mean?”

It means Michigan gets off scot-free. If I was the Big Ten I’d make Michigan reconfigure that tunnel and have it patrolled by people who are not afraid of their shadows.