Mt. Clemens High School Stripper Party (video)


Mt. Clemens High School might have some explaining to do.  What I’m sure started out as a great idea of “Lets make money off our gym after hours.” Has turned into, “Anything goes at Mt. Clemens”

In a video posted on Instagram by @lipkesolo and reposted by @augustshooter, you can see shirtless rappers and half naked strippers.  Or, I’m sure they want to be called dancers.  Either way, the video is out and people on the internet are responding in many different ways.

Facebook Comments on Mt Clemens Party

Kimberlee McEvoy

“After the weekend they all gonna need a bath… #GoBathers”

Joann Genette

“Wonder how much they paid to Rent out the school and how it “benefits the students”

Annette Palazzolo Soulsby

“Are you joking”
“that’s so fucked up. Make this go viral and shut that shit down. It’s a school. Need we say more. I hope I don’t sound like “I must be getting old”. But wow.”
There is also a flyer promoting this event.
Peezy’s Sweetes is the name of the event on the flyer.
I have to be honest, I’m not really offended by this.  If someone pays money to rent out the space they should be able to do with it as they please.  If the Mt. Clemens High School is not smart enough to put restrictions and expectations on the events, they get what they deserve.
I’m sure this video and the internets reaction to it will cause for some examination and major overhaul in the decisions moving forward.  But, for the time being lets just appreciate that these promoters took advantage of the system while the loop holes were in place.
Overall, great idea from Mt. Clemens High School!  Save the tax payers money, provide a community location for gathering and promote their school.  Great idea, poor execution.  Let’s hope I can get an invite to the next one!