Pat McAfee Confirms Show in Detroit after Bet with Woodward Sports


Pat McAfee is a man of his word.  Before the Detroit Lions vs Green Bay game to end the season, McAfee bet that he would do a show in Detroit if the Lions win.  Well, the Lions sent Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay home and now Pat is hinting towards when that show will be.

Back in early January Pat McAfee had Aaron Rodgers on his show, just like he does most weeks.  During this interview it came to light that Pat’s show had reached out to the Detroit Lions about having Dan Campbell as a guest. The Lions PR staff declined the invitation.  That sent Pat on a rant about how Detroit shouldn’t big time anyone. He also went on to say that Detroit better win or they would face his wrath as his “mic will be on” that following Monday.

He got caught up in the moment and got excited.  That’s happened to everyone who spends hours a day in front of a mic. I wasn’t offended by what he said. But my ears did perk up.

Here is the clip if you missed it:

Pat McAfee later issued an apology via twitter and I responded with a small wager.

I’ll admit, it took until about half time of that Lions vs Packers game before I really start sweating. The thought of  wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey for 365 days danced in my head.  Thankfully, in the end Dan Campbell and company had my back and sent the Packers directly to the offseason, no playoffs for Green Bay.

Since then a lot of people have been asking when Pat and his crew will be doing a show in Detroit.  We have had a few exchanges but nothing has been set.

Pat did tweet out on Tuesday, “we will be having a live show in Detroit this off-season as a part of the bet with @woodwardsports.. we will donate all of the money to a charity of @TJLang70’s choice AND I’m sure we will have to chat about how the Lions haven’t won a playoff game in 32 years.”

I anticipate early summer. I think getting them here for Opening Day would be ideal.  That would give them a great view of what the Detroit sports culture is all about. We will keep you updated.

Hats off to Pat for honoring his bet.  Dan Campbell would approve. Tell Aaron thank you next time you have him on.

Photo: © Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports