Red Wings’ Dylan Larkin Breaks Down Discussing Tyler Bertuzzi’s Departure


The Detroit Red Wings’ Captain, Dylan Larkin, has had a week full of ups and downs. Just yesterday, he signed a new contract with the team that will keep him in Detroit for years to come. While attempting to recover from a three-game losing streak, the team is still in the midst of a fight for a playoff position. To add to the emotional rollercoaster that Larkin experienced his teammate and closest friend, Tyler Bertuzzi, was traded. Dylan learned of the trade from his fiancée, who called him in the car on his way to practice.

Larkin was visibly emotional when he spoke about the trade, as Bertuzzi was not just a teammate but a close friend. It was clear that the trade had a profound impact on Larkin, and it was difficult for him to talk about it without becoming emotional.

When asked about his thoughts on Bertuzzi’s departure, Larkin expressed his difficulty with the situation, stating. “With how this season has gone, Especially for Bert. But the position our team’s in now, you know it hurts and he’s one of my best friends”

Dylan Larkin was also asked how the rest of the team was reacting to the news of Bertuzzi’s trade, given that they are currently fighting for a playoff spot “I’m very surprised.  you know I think the trade with Fil going to Vancouver, it was surprising. With Tyler, not truthfully as surprising. Kind of just the way it happened this morning. But if you look at what we got, you could say it’s for the future. We’ve a lot of draft picks now, so we can hope that they go to do the right thing.” 

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Photo Credit: © Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports