Cade Cunningham has found a way to stay atop basketball news despite playing his last official NBA game November 9, 2022 against the Boston Celtics.

First Cunningham turned down a roster spot on Team USA for greater focus on the upcoming Pistons season. He did however accept and play with the Select Team which the main squad practices against.

And who do you think was all the buzz in those scrimmages?

None other than the Detroit Pistons starting point guard Cade Cunningham.

He scored in a variety of ways off the dribble, in the paint, from three and his patented mid range. Cunningham also displayed his playmaking ability with his Pistons’ teammate Jalen Duren and Houston Rockets Jalen Green.

Cunningham utilized the pick and roll as well as transition game to throw lobs, skip and bounce passes to find teammates in rhythm.

He looked like… Cade.

“Cade Cunningham Best Player…” At Rico Hines Run

Now the latest news on Cade Cunningham is he’s putting on a show down at the Rico Hines Pro Am hoops runs and training sessions.

Specifically the source text me “Cade is best player in the gym…” before elaborating further. Film of Rico Hines runs usually winds up online, so soon everyone will be able to see.

After the Team USA footage was released it only further confirmed how safe it is to believe the hype around Cade Cunningham.

One of the best comments I’ve heard on Cade’s player development this summer was on his  slightly bulked up physique and ability to use advantageously.

It was noted Cunningham was able to use his strength to routinely backdown guards like Jalen Brunson and score in the post. This would represent growth in his game, but most observers are hoping he improves three point shooting.

“My shot kind of flattened out transitioning from college three to the NBA,” Cade Cunningham told reporters at season ending exit interviews.

The hope is leg surgery and strength should help correct some three point shooting woes. It’s been one of the few weaknesses in his game. But when he gets going, you wouldn’t know he struggled prior to.

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