The Lions won’t win or lose because of Aaron Rodgers


Do not be afraid of Aaron Rodgers.

We do not know if Rodgers will be playing for the New York Jets or Green Bay Packers next season and I’ve already run into skittish Detroit Lions fans who are fearful he will return to the Packers and continue to haunt the Lions.

I hope and pray he returns to the Packers to see the Lions shove it up his ass and win the NFC North Division the same as the Minnesota Vikings (five times) and Chicago Bears (four) have done since Rodgers joined the Packers.

No one fears Kyle Orton or Gus Frerotte – quarterbacks who won NFC North titles under Rodgers run.

Haunting the Lions

Aaron Rodgers is not the one who has haunted the Lions. The Lions have haunted the Lions and this city with bad play, bad decisions, bad coaching and bad management. If the Lions were competent over the last 12 years they’d have at least one division title. If the Bears, a franchise we make fun of, can do it so can the Lions with a real management team coaching staff and roster.

“We have a team that can compete with anybody,” quarterback Jared Goff said recently. “It’s about going out there and making some noise.”

The 2023 season is all about the Lions making noise, no matter how loud Rodgers becomes this season. The last time I saw this man he was walking dejectedly out of Lambeau Field being consoled by wide receiver Randall Cobb following a 20-16 loss to the Lions.

The Lions won because they were a better team. That’s what they must become if they are to win this division. It is not mastering Rodgers. It is mastering themselves and learn to take team’s best shots. The Lions are no longer hunters. They are the hunted. Teams know they must play their best to beat this team.

Goff also knows that the Lions must get better if they are to accomplish their goals of winning the division and making a playoff run. “We have a lot to do,” Goff said. “We are a better team. We’ll get teams better shots. But we have done things to better our chances.”

Lions need a fast start

This is April and Goff is smart enough to know teams cannot win a title in the spring. That preparation comes during volunteer workouts, mandatory workouts and training camp. The Lions cannot win a division title unless they rid themselves of the September blues – a month that has seen them stumble to 1-7 the last two seasons under Coach Dan Campbell.

A poor start means the Lions will no longer be favorites and could lose that mojo they are walking around with.

“I don’t believe there are any favorites in April,” Goff said. “But what do I know?”

Here is what I know. The Lions won’t lose the division because of Aaron Rodgers. They will win or lose the division based on the men they see in the mirror.

Do not be afraid of Aaron Rodgers. He doesn’t matter anymore, even if he stays in Green Bay.


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