The Morning Woodward Show | 8.5.22


The Morning Woodward Show start the show talking expectations for the Detroit Lions this season, whether or not Cade Cunningham will be an All-Star his second season in the NBA, discuss Jared Goff lighting up Training Camp and whether or not we’ve been too hard on Cade McNamara.

00:00 Football is Officially Back – Lions Expectations this Season

19:00 Will Cade Cunningham be an All-Star in Year 2?

34:50 Explaining Bundt Cakes to Adham

38:30 Jared Goff Lighting Up Training Camp

49:20 Matthew Stafford’s “Abnormal” Elbow Pain

1:02:50 Are We Being too Harsh on Cade McNamara?

1:17:20 Terry’s Questions for Adham

1:31:10 Time for Miguel Cabrera to Retire?

1:41:20 Fights at Lions Training Camp

1:50:00 Mailbag

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