Tighten Your Diapers, Lions Never Out Of It With Jared Goff at QB


In a game that could have been scribbled by a playwright with a penchant for melodrama, Detroit Lions’ Jared Goff turned a potential tragedy at the hands of the Chicago Bears into a triumph. He may have stumbled through one of his season’s worst outings, but by the time the clock hit zero, he emerged as the beacon of hope for a Detroit Lions team eyeing a Super Bowl run.

Jared Goff Emerges in Final Minutes

The Lions’ journey to the top of the NFL is far from straightforward. “Just wear a diaper before some of these games,” Lions head coach Dan Campbell urged jokingly, via Will Burchfield of 97.1 The Ticket. Yet, Goff, often dismissed as a mere stopgap following a high-profile trade with the Rams, has proven himself indispensable.

With the Lions perched atop the NFC North at an impressive 8-2, it’s clear: as Goff goes, so go the Lions. The Lions mirror Goff’s performances: they falter when he struggles and soar when he excels. This symbiotic relationship between Goff and the team is crucial. It’s what makes the Lions tick, and what makes Goff indispensable.

Dan Campbell lauded Goff’s resilience:

He doesn’t have his best game, but it’s really when you needed him most… that’s when he’s at his best – in a game that he’s not playing his best game – i think that speaks volumes…at the very least he’s going to be mentally tough and physically tough, and you can always count on that. You can bank on that.

Despite early struggles, Goff was pivotal in the Lions’ 31-26 comeback victory over the Bears. The team grappled with four turnovers and a significant time-of-possession deficit. However, Goff’s late-game heroics, leading two touchdown drives in the final minutes, were nothing short of extraordinary.

Goff’s Unplugged: A Candid Confession

Goff’s candid take on his performance reflects his leadership qualities. “We didn’t get there in a straight line, but we ultimately came out with the W, and again it’s a testament to how tough and courageous we are,” he said, acknowledging the team’s resilience. He admitted his mistakes, notably the interception he never saw coming, but also showed the ability to shake off bad luck, a crucial trait for any elite quarterback.

That’s on me and I can’t do that to our team and put us in that spot. Not something that I can do to our team, I need to be better in that situation.

His stats paint a picture of a quarterback who rises to the occasion. Completing 10 of 12 passes for 115 yards in the critical moments of the fourth quarter, Goff’s precision was instrumental. His 32-yard touchdown pass to Jameson Williams and his leadership on the game-winning drive further underscore his value to the team.

Campbell’s confidence in Jared Goff is unwavering: “We’re going to need Goff again at some point and he showed up for us at the biggest moments.” This trust is not misplaced. Goff’s ability to elevate his game when it matters most is a testament to his character and skill.

The Journey Ahead: Goff as the Lions’ North Star

So, the Lions’ win wasn’t a masterpiece—it was more like an abstract painting that you need to tilt your head to understand. Fortunately, in Detroit, we don’t always need pretty. We need gritty.

Jared Goff’s ability to rebound from adversity, to galvanize his team when all seems lost, is what makes him the ideal leader for this team. The Lions, young and evolving, are learning to conquer challenges one game at a time.

And Goff’s value to the team is crystal clear. He is not just a quarterback; he is a leader molding a young, growing team into champions.


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