Tom Brady 6 rings, Gisele Bündchen 0


The Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen saga takes another step forward towards divorce.

According to Page Six the couple have both hired divorce lawyers.  Gisele has also been seen out and about without her wedding ring on.

Tom Brady vs Cole Beasley

In a related, but not related story, Cole Beasley has announced his retirement to “spend more time with family” The irony is Beasley is now a Buccaneer.

Tom Brady is perfectly content spending all his time on football while losing his family. Cole is on the other side of the coin.  He’s willing to give up football for his family.

One could argue that’s what makes Tom Brady the GOAT. His absolute dedication to his craft.  The guy has blinders on for his sport.  All other details of his life can come and go.  Football will remain and he will continue to build his legacy on the field.

Between the two, who is right and who is wrong?  That’s a life decision that we can all have different opinions on.

To me, both men have made millions and both men can do as they chose.

But the fact that Tom would be happier playing football than with his super-model wife, tells me all I need to know about Tom Brady.  He is relentless in his pursuit of greatness and it doesn’t matter who gets left behind.

The most important ring to Tom isnt the wedding type. The most important ring is the Super Bowl type. I’m sure Tom will take 6 of those over one of the other.

Photo: © Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports