Why Joe Kelly is Captain America


Looks like Rob Manfred hates positive media ratings, attention and revenue. Who would’ve guessed! The one-time baseball is nationally popular, leading all talk shows after the Dodgers Astros game the other night.

Rob Manfred responded by coming out and suspending America’s true Captain America, Joe Kelly, for 8 games. Before we dive into the context that led us here, idiotic decisions like this are why Baseball has been dying.  

Manfred Let’s the Scandal Walk Free:

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Houston Astros were kindly let off with a slap on the wrist for intentionally screwing the integrity of the game. The players snitched, received immunity, and all that happened was their GM & Manager were fired. Anyways, the point is, the decision not to punish the players hasn’t gone over very well with the public, and the rest of baseball for that matter.

We saw signs of what the Astros would come to deal with during Spring Training, when fans would hilariously come to the games with garbage bins and mock the cheating Astros. That was cut short in-part to COVID, but also because the MLB started having security remove and take away the signs and bins from fans. So much for freedom of speech.

They Had it Coming:

Fast-forward to the Dodgers-Astros game we’re all talking about. Joe Kelly, Captain America himself, decided to stand-up for America. The Astros core hitters (Altuve, Bregman & Springer) are batting .188, .188 & .172 so far. After throwing at Correa’s head, Joe Kelly proceeded to strike him out and began mocking him. Correa took exception to this; the cheating crew stormed the field. For anyone who says it’s not right to intentionally throw at players, it’s not okay to intentionally cheat the game, fans and your colleagues. Way to go Joe. To the Houston Astros players, shut up and deal with it.

Finally, some unfiltered, non-political correctness in the world of sports. Joe Kelly, on behalf of everyone at Woodward Sports, and all of America (except the bums in Houston) we’d like to thank you my good sir.

Remember Joe Kelly, the hero we needed, but didn’t deserve.